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Website With Search Engine Optimized Content

Search Engine Optimized Content

For the eyes of search engines and internet users, any single website is only as good as the content it provides. It is the information it seeks to provide that will drive users from the landing page down to the deeper pages of the website. The content is what keeps them reading, makes them visit again and then coverts one single visit into a sale. Our package includes uniquely written content and fully search-engine optimized content. All the contents we provide on your website are going to pass the stringent requirements of the search engines and are tailored for your local niche keywords.

Website Which Fits On Desktop And Mobile Devices

User Friendly Design: Desktop and Mobile

The innovations in the field of web design always ask web designers from all parts of the globe to keep abreast with the multi-device solutions and the design responsiveness required by the rapidly evolving technology. Our web designs are highly responsive and adaptive. This means that they are not only available for cross browser viewing but they seamlessly adapt and work compatibly with mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. We are utilizing this strategy on our all our projects to drive conversions, which is to make an ordinary website visitor into buying client and repeat customer.

Website With Strong Architectural Setup

Backend: Search Engine Friendly

The website architecture of our designs are compliant to what most search engine wants. We place proper markups and codes to detect syntax errors; declare the site’s language; have cross browser compatibility; have proper character encoding; properly place website analytics; provide correct data structure markups; have consistent page interlinking; and properly set of Meta standards like Dublin core and geo Meta tags, among others. If the designer you know is only adept on the aesthetic aspect, he might not be the right person. With us beside you, you are assured that these are well taken care of.

Our All-In-One package gives you a one-size-fits-all website like this:

Express Web Designer: Mobile Friendly Website

Take time to look at these sample website designs:

So what makes a great design really?

Does it create lasting impression?
– Your website is where your customers take fist impression on your business and your own brand. It takes less than half a second for an internet user to draw definitive opinion about your website but once you impress them, they will be impressed all the time. Harness this moment by making sure that your website matches and expresses the values and the overall tone of your business.

Does it have stimulating and interesting design?
– If your website is not aesthetically stimulating, you will lose a large fraction of your business. Every web designer knows that a website is worthless if a customer loses his interest at one section of the website. If he clicks away from your page and heads on to another website, you are missing an opportunity to gain from that visit. Here on EWD, we make your dream design a reality.

Does it provide seamless navigation?
– If a website doesn’t offer easy-to-understand navigation functions, it is most likely that the visitor wont be able to find the information he needs. The layout and navigation functions, therefore, should be made clear and concise and must lead your visitors to where exactly you want them to go and must make customers understand and navigate around to find what they need.

Does it have custom capture form?
– A website should be able to drive traffic. But it does not end here. It needs to convert that traffic into sales leads and without capture forms that they can fill out and click on, the traffic generation efforts will be futile. All the time, a web designer should look for means to fuel the interest of the users all the time and desire a form that inspires the users to take immediate action.

Does it have responsive and adaptive design?
– There are billions of people doing search from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There is thus a need to adapt with this development. Most internet users don’t recommend a website which doesn’t have mobile functionality or responsive design. A web designer shouldn’t let this opportunity pass and must make sure his design fits different screen sizes.

Does it have strong website structure?
– The architecture of your website is on its backend. This is comprised of codes, standards and markups that must be compliant with web coding standards. EWD’s expertise is here. We write unique meta data for every page and use standards that are acceptable for major search engines. With us, your website’s code and markups are clean and well established.

Do you want to know how compliant this website is?
“Take a closer look at this screenshot which shows our Website Compliance:”:

Website Compliance:  Express Web Designer

How about the deeper pages of the website?
“Now, this is the screenshot showing Website Compliance of another page:”:

Express Web Designer -Deeper Page Website Compliance

Special Introductory Price:

Web Design For Only $247


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Express Web Design is really an express provider. I got my website in 3 days time and I am really impressed. This design generates numerous calls per week which makes it more worth than my investment. Honestly, I initially said that I can’t afford to have website presence but with the low-cost offer of Glenn, I should rather say that I cannot afford not to have another one.

L. Mor